How Does The “Mighty Cold Towel Work”

Scientific Explanation

The "Mighty Cold Towel” is made of a sophisticated microfiber. It cools through Hyper Evaporation.
The towels fabric creates a system or process in which the heat is removed from your body by the evaporation of the
water in the towel. It creates a process in which outside air is pre-cooled before passing through the towel and making
contact with your body.

So much for the scientific stuff
In plain English here is how it works

Wet the towel thoroughly

Squeeze out the excess (do not wring)

Wave or snap the towel to make it cool. The temperature will remain up to 20% below the ambient temperature for 2-5

The towel works best when moist! It will be warm and hard when it dries.

When it dries, repeat the above!
Mighty Cold Products
15-20 degrees below
the air temperature.
Lasts for two to five
Innovator Brands
Mighty Cold Towel
Wet it,Wave it,
Wear it