Most Often asked Questions

How Do I activate the towel and make it cool.
1) Remove the towel from its tube and the plastic bag .
2) Wash it thoroughly in warm water and a mild soap, rinse it thoroughly.
3) Re-wet the towel in water, any kind of water.
4) Squeeze out the excess water (do not wring).
5) Wave and snap it to make it cool.
6) Wear the towel around your neck with the dimpled embossed side to your skin. Wearing the towel around your neck or
over your head will offer you maximum cooling.  Remove the towel occasionally, snap or wave to refresh. When dry
re-wet and repeat.

How do I care for The Mighty Cold Towel.
After you use the towel, it needs to be cleaned before storing it. Simply wash the towel thoroughly with clean soapy water,
or simply place it in the washing machine with your next load of clothes. DO NOT MACHINE DRY!  If you hand wash rinse
it thoroughly, wring excess water from towel and place in the sports tube it came in. Be sure to put your towel away clean
and free of sweat, lotion or sunscreen. If the towel becomes dry  DO NOT  bend it or try to pull it apart, as it may tear or
Place the dry towel back into water, it will soften quickly. If you lose the original container, a one gallon zip lock bag works
great for storage.

What if I forgot to wash the towel before I stored it and it is moldy or has an odor.
Fill the sink with warm water, add 1 tablespoon bleach to 1 gallon of warm water and allow the towel to soak for an hour
or two. Then, rinse thoroughly to remove any bleach residue. The towel can now be washed in the washing machine to
remove any residual stains. It is now ready for use or storage.

Can I put it in the freezer?
NO! If you freeze the Mighty Cold Towel and try to flex or bend it in the frozen state, it will break. It is fine to put them in
ice-cold water or a cooler filled with ice .
Be sure to put the cooling towel in a bag to keep it from contacting the ice directly as the ice may freeze to the cooling
towel and damage it.

What happens if it dries out?
If your towel dries out, it will be hard and resemble a dry tortilla chip. Do not worry, the hardening is characteristic of most
microfibers. To reactivate a dry towel, soak in any water. It will become pliable in 2-3 minutes. DO NOT try to bend a dry
towel as it may break.

How long will it last?
This is actually 2 questions. The towel itself will last indefinitely with proper care. They are very rugged and most people
will lose them before they tear them up. The cooling effect will last from 2-5 hours on average depending on the amount
of moisture in the towel, the outside temperature, and the relative humidity.
When wet the towels temperature will remain 15-20 degrees below the ambient temperature. (air temperature)

Will it become less effective with age?
NO! As long as the towel is intact and has moisture in it, it will cool just like it did when it was new.

Can I cut it?
Yes, the towel can be cut to make 2 smaller towels. However, when you cut it, you reduce the surface area of the towel
and the amount of moisture it can hold, which will affect the cooling ability of the now smaller towels.

I got a rash or red area when I used the towel. What happened?
While the PVA material is medically safe and non-allergenic, prolonged, uninterrupted use may cause redness or a mild
rash. This is caused because the material is so absorptive that if it begins to starve for moisture, it can pull moisture and
oil from your skin, resulting in redness or mild rash. The best solution is to make sure the towel has plenty of moisture in
it and to take a break from using it for a few minutes every hour.
Mighty Cold Products
15-20 degrees below
the air temperature.
Lasts for two to five
Innovator Brands
Mighty Cold Towel
Wet it,Wave it,
Wear it